Monday, 7 November 2011

Some Black Fishes In Pakistani Education System

I was Really Socked When I heard a news on TV channel that a teacher killed his student just for the reason Of Home work, Our some teachers are playing a very negative role in our education system, and they really know that what they are doing, so i say this kind of peoples are the enemy of our nation because education is back-bone for any country and they are trying to break the bake-bone of our country, if we go back to 2008 there was a news of "A Pakistani Student Killed By a Teacher"  after reading this news i was shocked because the news was like that " Seven Year Of a Boy Killed By a Teacher (maulvi) just for the reason of not memorizing his Quran lesson, after reading this news my words was i say that's really unbelievable because Islam is the religion of peace, Our Government Should have To Focus On this Sector and kick out this kind of fishes from Our Education System, Because a Good Education system leads The Country Toward a Bright Future,

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