Saturday, 22 October 2011

Summary Of little things written by the poet Julia A.carney

In the first stanza the poetress is explaining that how little things have great importance in life.She expresses some factors of the universe that little drops of water make huge oceans and tiny sand particles make the beautiful lands..
this is really a heart touching poem,and in the second stanza ,the post explains that the little moments of life,even as small as humble they may be collectively turn into ages and these ages make eternity of the whole life time.She uses easy and friendly words but these words have great meaning and impact on us and illuminate a most neglected truth of life.
in the third stanza of the this stanza the post Julia A.Carney gives the spectacular explanation that even tiny mistakes create a huge difference in life our little errors and mistake lead the soul away from the righteous path towards sins and wrong we should prevent ourselves from doing even a tiny mistakes.
in the last stanza the poetess says that the little deeds of kindness and little words of love make the earth like the heaven and the earth becomes a better place to live in.she says that little things make everyone happy and are greatly responsible to change our lives she gives a stupendous explanation that how little kind deeds make all the difference.

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