Saturday, 22 October 2011

Kindness to living things

Kindness is a great virtue and every body knows that kindness benefits both the giver and the receiver.Islam puts a great emphasis on Kindness and Hazrat Mohammad(s.a.w.w) admires the person who is kind to others.Well Good deeds and words also give comfort to others if they are in distress. and we should be kind on animals and mankind both . we should be kind to animals and birds because they are living stop the killing of animals or treated them cruelty. there is a 'world society'for the prevention of cruelty to animals.they serve us in many ways.donkey are used for pulling carts on which things are transported from one place to another.Cows and Goats gives us milk and meat.the feathers of birds are also used.
If We look to the Islamic Point of view Hazrat Mohammad(s.a.w.w) was very kind to animals.
He said that animals shouldn't be branded on the face as is the very sensitive part of a body.
If at all the animals is to be branded it should be branded on its back.

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