Saturday, 22 October 2011

Summary OF Color of Love Composed By Danzy Seena

“Color of love” a non-fiction book  is composed by Danzy Seena. Danzy born in 1970. She has possessed hereditical abilities. She had won numerous awards too.
Seena, a daughter of white mother and black father explores hurdle and hindrances in racism, relationship and expression of love with her grandmother. In her youth, the grand-mother of Seena was a great writer, an intellectual and well name and fame personality all around. She believed in Nobel bloodlines. She was so much prejudice to others especially with black people.
Grand-mother was very short tempered because her daughter, Seena’s mother married a black, grand-mother was very conscious about Seena because Seena got this attitude in heredity along with writing skills. She always encouraged about her friend but her Grand-mother horrified when she came to identify that he, husband of Seena’s mother is black. Seena’s mother lost all her reputation because she had marries with black but she skipped stressful comments and adjusted its self- efficated.
One day, when Seena returned to home from college, Seena found that Grand-mother was humiliating someone when Seena went to see her. One day I was busy in writing my mom has called me so I have come to her call where she has informed me that Grand-mother is not fine. She was in critical situation. I rushed to hospital but she has lost the battle of life. Our family shocked down and realized that we have lost everything racism reputation success and popularity.

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