Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Role and Responsibility Of Media

Media Takes From the word medium, the ultimate goal of media is to give information to their viewers and the information should be true, There are Two main types of media one is Electronic and 2nd is Print media, this is era of Satellite Tv channels and whole world is watching our channels, So Responsibility goes to our electronic media to show our Positive image of country, because this is our country its our responsibility to show our better image of country throughout the world, Media should have to play those programs that create awareness to people and this is the role as well as responsibility of media that play those program that create awareness Like Media should have to telecast some educational program through which we can get education in our homes, because our illiteracy rate is very high media can play a crucial role to increase literacy rate in our country, but the big responsibility of media is do not telecast that type of programs that can destroy our culture,

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