Monday, 7 November 2011

Problems facing a Common persons in Pakistan

Well there are lots of problems that a common persons is facing in Pakistan.even we can’t count that problems, but the main problems that a common person is facing now a day is Poverty we all knows that poverty is the root of corruption and Pakistan comes in the ranking of those countries who are in top list in the corruption, Government can offer lots of jobs but I don’t know why our government is not focusing on this matter our neighbor countries are going toward success and we are even not full fill our demands of our common peoples, government should have to take any serious action on poverty, because we knows that in our rural areas so many peoples dies because of food, its liability on the government to offers the jobs and gives food to their peoples, the second main problem that our common person are facing is education, everybody knows the conditions of our government school and colleges and everyone familiar about the education system of our government institutes, once I was going with my old friend and our topic was on education system, he said that our government colleges and institutes are not making a perfect and well educated student, but instead they are making politician in their colleges and institute, so we can say that we are playing with our education system, we are playing with our beloved country, other thing is copy culture system in our education system, and the last and main problem that I say the daunting problem is Security problem this is really a big problem for a common person who don’t know that in the morning he is going somewhere and he don’t know he can come back to his home alive or not, that’s really a big question mark, I don’t know where we are going, but according to me we are going in wrong direction, we have to save our country, do something that no one can do for his country just love your country like your mother, your country is your everything. Long Life Pakistan.


  1. Jago Pakistan, Where we are going

  2. Pakistan hamari pehchan

  3. Admin ithink You really Love your country