Monday, 14 November 2011

Old Pakistani Movies are better than Our New Movies

Yeah! Really our new movies are not as much better than our old movies there are some reasons behind it first reason is our old movies the stories was really good, and the whole movie was truly represent our country, but now we are showing that kind of movies which is not actually represent our culture, even we can't watch our some movies with our family, that's why we say that our new movies are not as much better than our old movies,actually our media, our lollywood movies are representing our culture, but our culture is not like that, we are Muslim we have some boundaries some restrictions, we don't have to cross it, when ever i watched old movies one thing i noticed the most in the movie is that you can get a good mural massage from it, and i think this is really a good sign of a good movie,
Our some old movies  are still in the ranking through out the world like The Movie "Shikwa" still lots of peoples are watching this movie, and my suggestion to our film industry is that please learn from our old movies and atleast represent that we are pakistani and We are Muslim.

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