Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Education is very important also for Girls

Being a Muslims we all know that education is very important for boys as well as girls, there is no any age restriction for getting education, but in some places of  our country girls are facing problems in getting education, even in some places there is a restriction of getting admission of girls in schools/colleges.
Yesterday i was going with my friend and he asked me a question, the question was " Is education is necessary for girls?" I was shocked, i replied yeah sure, education is really very important for girls,
basically education creates awareness and we need awareness, but i don't why we peoples have negative thinking about Girls education, there is famous saying that, If you educate a girl you educate the whole family. like if now a child girl is getting education tomorrow she will a mother.
Our government should have to provide opportunities for girls and force them to get education...

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