Sunday, 13 November 2011

Our Education System. How to Make it better?

Being a student what I feel is that our education system is not as much good as the education system of other countries, education is like backbone for any country and it is a very important sector, as we know that Cuba is spending 18.7% of his GDP, on the other hand India is spending 4.1% of his GDP, now if we look at our country we are just spending our 1.8% of GDP, this is nothing for education, we are just spending 1.8% of GDP on our backbone sector.
Now Come to the important Question How to make our education system better, everybody is well known about the condition of our schools and colleges, like in few of our schools we can't find any teacher, but we can find goats and some other animals in our few schools, This situation is really alarming for whole country that we are going in wrong direction, but still we proudly say that our education system is good, there is really a big gap that we have to fill through technology, through good teachers, and through a perfect environment for a student where he/she can a good education, at this stage we are in under utilization. like if we see India he is spending 4.1% of his GDP and he is providing a good education through a good technology and we can look at India that where he is now, India is really a strong position in education sector,
Simply we can say that if we want to make Pakistan as a strong country, we have to make first our education system better,


  1. we need change, we want to make our country strong