Sunday, 27 November 2011

Advantages Of Private Tuition

Every  parent wants that his Son/daughter will get good marks in examination and he/she have good knowledge than others. that's why they found for their children's a place where they can get extra education/knowledge and the place is Private Tuition. And it is not as much Costly,

There are so many advantages of Private Tuition, But Two Main Advantages are.

First Advantage is that in private tuition Your Children is free to ask any question from their teacher without any hesitation it means your children do not think that either my question is valid or not, he just ask question and his teacher will explain him very well. and for instance if you do not get your answer then you can say to your teacher for repeat, and I'm sure he will repeat as much time as he can. and from this way your children will easily understand all the subject and in school he can show his extra efforts because of his private tuition.

Second Advantage is that if some day Student failed to attend the class due to some reason, so in this case he can cover his all school work in Private Tuition and this is a big beauty of Private Tuition, but if your children do not have any Private Tuition then it will really hard for your children to manage previous class work. and this is the big factor of low marks of students in schools Examination.

In Pakistan There are Lots Private tuition center where Your children can get good education, but there are some private tuitions which will just waste your children time. so my suggestion to all is that before taking admission to your children in Private tuition First confirm that either this is a good teacher or not. if it is not good teacher or just average then don't waste your money and your children time, just find any other good teacher which can help your student in the race of Education


  1. your article is good with nice suggestions,
    But i want to share that good teacher is must but there need of atmosphere in which our childrens spends .
    If u provide them good educational envirment ur son and daughter will be able to teach others, and so on.