Sunday, 27 November 2011

Unity Faith And Discipline

The word unity has itself many power if unity prevails among any nation, tribe or religion they will become strong and undefeated power.
It Brings Majority on a platform where they can fight together with any kind of serious problem. if unity beget in the conscience of a nation they became like a strong pillars whose foundation laid to depth.
The word discipline has a very vast meaning, we can say that the whole life of humanity and other creatures is surrounded by discipline because of discipline, the actual and real meaning of discipline is according to rules and regulation,
The whole universe is based on discipline and the rules or law.
Faith or trust is necessary element in any relation whether it is between parents and children or between students and teacher each and every relation is based on Faith.
In Short we can say that Unity faith and discipline are the basic factors for any kind of Success.

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