Saturday, 26 November 2011

Child Labor in Pakistan

This is really a Critical Problem in Pakistan, and this is not a new problem as well. Child labor is exists through out the Pakistan but specially in our Two major cities like Karachi and sialkot, both the cities provide  lots of jobs to child labor, although we have a law against child labor but a i don't know why government does't take any serious action against child labor. According to Human rights Commission Of Pakistan Nearly About 11 million Children were working in 1990. and from this 11 million 50% of Children are under ten year of age, and this is really a high rate.

Child Labor in Pakistan
School going Age :
There are many Child labor whose age is school going but due to some reasons they leave their schools and go to the shops like auto mechanic shops we can see their, children whose age not more than 10 years but they are working their and this is totally against our child labor law.
Like auto mechanic shops there are so many other places where child labors are working. but there is no any action against the child labor.

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