Monday, 31 October 2011

Modern Fast Growing World - Boys and Girls

In the modern and fast moving world, every mature boy sets from one to five girlfriends and every mod girl who is also mature sets from one to six boyfriends .But among such boys and such girls there are some good boys and pretty girls who do not do so because of their conscience which does not allow them to do so in this competitive era.
The reasons for keeping more than one partner are two. According to girls point of view the first reason is that to select one sincere partner from many boys. They want that their partner must be sincere to them and he should be loyal to them.  They want that he must possess some certain traits such as dedication, sincerity, loyalty, and seriousness to them. The second reason is the money or wealth. They want resources of their partners rather than some qualities .They are not concerned with the qualities, physique, colour, personality of boys but resources are necessary to them.

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