Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Advantages and disadvantages of Facebook

Facebook the big name in the world of social networking websites.almost every one have their own account on Facebook, Today i will tell you truth about this social network, there are so many disadvantages of Facebook like we are using it, while using it we cant focus on time that how much time that we are consuming on it, time is really a big factor, if we don't respect time, in future time will not respect us, so please respect time, like we can see in Pakistan lots of students are using Facebook through it they can chat with their friends, but the negative thing is that Facebook consume lot of time so as a result in exams low marks,
While there are so many big advantages of Facebook like we can see that through it we can chat with our friends free of cost that's really a big benefit, it means you don't have to pay money for talking with your friends, other thing is we can play online good games on Facebook, we can share our ideas like "whats in you mind", also we can share our YouTube and our own videos...

If we conclude this technology we come to know that if we use it on proper way its really a good and beneficial technolgy for everyone, but if we use it and consume our big time on Facebook that means we have to suffer from it.

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