Sunday, 30 October 2011

Great speech by Imran khan

Great speech by Imran khan. His all concerns regarding improvement and remove corruption was our nation's voice. He is truly in our heart as a great leader and will be looking after his next step. As we are tired of listening typical leaders speech and their promises. We really want a change and yes we are with imran khan and will support him like we did today :)) keep going Imran , no one can stop you and revolutionary war!
Main things that i extract from his speech that he really want change. he want to change our country a positive change, basic points was 

(1) Electricity 
(2) poverty 
(3) local government 
(4) betterment of police.
Really a excellent speech, i think this day will bring a big change in Pakistan. We are With You imran khan Do Something for Our beloved country.
I think this leader can do lots of good things for Pakistan.

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