Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Most daunting problem of pakistan

Today iam going to tell you something important, The most daunting problem of Pakistan well according to me the most daunting problem of Pakistan is corruption. as we know that corruption is like a cancer for any country and from this 20 to 30 years Pakistan has surfing from this problem. we should have to do something for stop this disease,
The main Factor of Corruption is we have unlimited wants and every body wants to be rich with in a night to complete his unlimited wants, it is really not possible to be a rich person with in a night or with in a weak, so always go through the direction where he/she can complete his/her want. and the direction is corruption.
As every one know that Education is like backbone for any country. but in Pakistan Few of our political persons play their role in the corruption in education, we should have to do something for this if we are educated if we are literate no body can rule on us, so wake up my dear friends and play your role, a positive role for being a good Pakistani, no body can defeat us.Do Something By Your self, We are Pakistani We can Do Everything For Save Our Country.
Please Stop Corruption and Save Pakistan, Pakistan Zindabad

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