Thursday, 17 November 2011

Target Killing in Karachi. Who are responsible?

Karachi the city of lights, the backbone of Pakistan's economy, everybody is well know about what is going on in Karachi, no body feel secure in Karachi beacuse the reason is one and only The target killing.
Target killing in Karachi starts from the end of 2005 still it is the very big problem for all the people of Karachi, no body wants to invest in Karachi because the problem of security, but our government failed to overcome from this critical issue, previously Karachi was the place where you can go any where late night, but now it is impossible for the people to go for outing in late night, people of Karachi is suffering from many problems due to target killing, like we can see the result of target killing on our Karachi stock exchange,
many of parties are blaming on each other, like we can see in our talk shows, but who are the actual responsible? these are those who don't want to see our Pakistan in a good position so these are enemy of our beloved country.

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