Friday, 18 November 2011

Problems With Students In Hostels

Many Students of different cities are facing hardship due to accommodation problem as private hostels are not only oversaturated but also very expensive and no doubt the living conditions are far from ideal. These students are come from far-flung villages and some other areas for in search of jobs and for studying in better educational institutions but the first and big problem they encounter and facing is how to find a suitable shelter or place for living. Away from solace of his family members these students face's multiple problems ranging from accommodation to cultural adjustments. From surveys it is found that it is a gigantic task for students to find a comfortable place for living, face many physiological, cultural and social problems.
Like think for the student whose room mate is not Muslim, so this student might be face some problem because the change of religion this is not only a single problem but there are so many other problems are facing by student.
While living in hostel security is the another problem for the students, so in hostels lake of security is big problem, another important problem for hostlers is medical facilities i don't think so all the hostels in Pakistan is providing medical facility for the students.

Some Other Important Problems are.

   Ø Unhygienic food and living condition.
   Ø Over crowding
   Ø Less familiar faces
   Ø Improper safety and security
   Ø Electricity failure
   Ø Poor furniture
   Ø Lack of entertainment tools
   Ø High rentals
   Ø Improper conveyance facility


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