Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Survey shows majority of primary school teachers in sindh waste their 20mins session of every class

Survey shows that majority of our Primary teachers of Sindh waste their 20mins twenty minutes sessions of every class. this is really shocking news for us because as we knows that our primary education is like the foundation but majority of our primary school teachers are not sincere with their jobs and they are actually playing with the future of our nation.
This Survey further tells that only 56% of enrolled students attends the classes so this is really a big question mark on our education system and also on our government that why the drop-out rate is very high in our primary schools,
According to this report merely 17 percent of students can only get passing marks, from this 17% girls ratio is high relatively as compare to boys.
We are really in critical situation government should have to take some immediate actions in order to make pakistans future bright and save. because if our primary basically the foundation education is not enough good then how can we imagine for the bright future of Pakistan. 

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