Monday, 21 November 2011

Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

Almost every body have their own mobile phone in their pocket. although we all know that there are so many disadvantages/negative impacts of mobile phones but still we are using it in excess. today in our country the main cause of road accidents is while driving car or while riding bike we are using cell phone and this act clearly shows that we are just playing with our life.

There are so many other negative impacts of mobile phones in our daily life, like we can see in our surrounding mobile phone tower release the radiations and that radiations is totally harmful for our health as from the new research by Germans mobile phone tower can increase the risk of cancer by 3 times but still we are using it. another disadvantage is that we can see in our country in the shape of mobile phone packages like if we go back 10 years there was no any SMS package so people was not using cellphones in excess but now due to these kind of packages peoples are using cellphones in excess and we are now just addicted of cellphones. and also we can see the negative impacts of using cellphones in our students they are just waste their time in sending of jokes or funny massages to their friends without thinking the importance of time.
The biggest disadvantage of mobile phones is that it creates disturbance in our life, it is really impossible to take rest with the availability of cell phone.

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