Wednesday, 4 April 2012

How Cell Phone Viruses Work?

1. Cell phones can be infected with viruses in the same way that computers can be infected. There are different types of viruses that infect phones in different ways. This illustration shows several ways in which phones can get viruses.

2. In one type of the phone's Bluetooth capability is used to spread viruses. The Cabir virus is an example of virus spread through Bluetooth. It takes advantage of the fact that Bluetooth constantly sends our signals looking for nearby Bluetooth devices with which it can pair. When blue tooth devices pair they make connections through which they can exchange information.

3. a Bluetooth phone constantly sends information looking for nearby Bluetooth device. When a phone infected by virus finds another Bluetooth device in pairs with it and then sends virus. That phone will now constantly look for phones to pair with, and will infect any phone it comes across.

4. Another type of attack uses social networking to spread. It uses simple messaging service (SMS) to spread itself. When a phone infected with virus receives an SMS or MMS from someone, it sends itself an MMS message, posing as a reply, but in fact infecting the phone. The Mabir. A virus is of this type.

5. Another type of virus, this one a Trojan Horse, spreads when people use the cell phone to share files with another via file sharing networks or IRC messaging protocol that also allows file sharing. A Trojan Horse pretends to be a game, font, or some other useful piece of code so someone downloads and installs it. However, when its installed, it does damage.

6. The Fontal. A Trojan Is of this type. After it is installed, it attacks the phone's applications manager, and won't allow new programs to be installed it will also stop Trojan being uninstalled. The only fix is format the phone which causes the phone to lose all its data.

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