Saturday, 22 October 2011

Summary Of Sharks or Bullets Composed By Charles Mc. Cormack.

It has been adapted from “you shall die in Singapore” by Charles Mc. Cormack.
This storey explores random behavior of escaped prisoner. They have escaped for easiness but felt a lot challenges and troubles. There body were not used to that sort of exertion. They crawled on hands and knees round the boat taking stock of their few provisions.  They came across a small drum of water where there at they found some dried fishes and enough rotten food.
The sun rose cold, fresh and pink, its rays shafting flatly across the sea. They have gone for staying on the land because they could not stay more in the water. So, they have decided to leave the water. Then they made a little paddling in unison with their hands. But day was too hot to endure than cold.
There, low on the horizon, were the two dots in the clear morning sky becoming rapidly larger. Look out one of them yelled that it was Zeros, actually they were the aircrafts that have been appeared as two dots. They have died for gunwale. Aircrafts were roaring a few feet above them as they went for one of them creamed Watch out the Sharks! They swam fast far.
Behind them the sea was churned up by cannon shells and the boat was upside down, but still floating. When Zeroes come again they have dived for miles. This time Zeroes circles the sea then they flew over the Western sky. In this whole journey they are the seventeen. But out of them four became successful in escaping from Pasir Panjang by covering thousands miles along with hardships to Australia, along a way from freedom indeed.

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