Saturday, 22 October 2011

Summary Of Free the children Composed By Nancy Gibbs

Nancy Gibbs, resident of New York living with her husband and two daughters has composed so many cover stories including “September 11 attacks”. In “Free the Children” Nancy voices her concern over the modern parent’s tendency to over protect their children. Both Nancy and her husband ideolize Summer as time for exploration, a time for kids to enjoy their freedom with, as Nancy put it no one keeping score.
She emphasized that children must be set free by negating rules and policies because it is the time of freedom for them. Children; mostly observed develop their abilities, skills and efficacy. Even though they are prohibited by the scientist for health but they don’t care of it. They remained busy forgot all consequences and routines.
During Summer season, children learn more than expectation. No doubt our educational system helps them a lot but they limited and forced them not to develop esteem and efficacy naturally. Some of parents impose rules to their children so they can’t survive in competitive society.
All our efforts and guide our children may just get in way of one thing they need most from us, to be deeply loved yet left alone so they can try new skill, slang, style, flip-flops so they trip few of times, make mistakes, cross them out and try again with keeping score .Therefore students in Summer should be entertained to adjust to days measured out not period of practices but in large clumps of opportunities.
Giving the children some Summer privacy and freedom takes nerve and not just because it is precious time to be together as family. If parent implement restriction then they could take their eyes off kids. Nancy Gibbs hope for discipline not to discipline them too because how I will learn and how strong they become.

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