Friday, 25 May 2012

The Student Life | Golden Period Of Life |

The Student Life is the golden period of our life, Although during this period one remains attached to aim of passing examination, it is a period of preparation for facing economic, environmental and religious Problems Of life, Which one expects to meet in future, This period is really Important Period of our life, we can say it is the learning period of our life, Student Life Has its own smiles, tears, joys and sorrows, and Lovely and Most Romantic Period for Some peoples..
A college student is a prince to the member of his family his pleasures, everybody seeks and his pains; everybody is anxious to remove. Everybody respects him and even the law treats student mildly because they are the hope of tomorrow, Yeah Its true that a student is the hope of tomorrow, and on them rests the good name of the nation..
A Student Has certain duties to discharge, like there is no rose without a thorn, and no pleasure without some pain and there is also a famous saying no gain without pain, means a student have some duties to his own self, to his parents, to his family, to his country, " To thine own self be true" is the voice of wisdom, which, if listened to in student life, must bear rich fruit. the path of duty is the only way to glory, but we should remember that this path is not so easy, this path is really full of difficulties,
Student Life is also a period of discipline, and we can say that "A Student without a sense of discipline is just like a ship without sails Which may never come safe to the harbour" ..
Student Life Has its own responsibilities, pleasures, Privilege, duties, joys and sorrows, This is one of the best period of life that may never ever return, The mistakes committed at this stage can hardly be mended..However this is Beautiful Period Of :Life..

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