Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Hardworking labour in Pakistan

The People Of Pakistan Is Very hard working, but unfortunately due to the insufficiency of  many  advanced equipment's and machinery  that are very important and useful for the workers, our labours do their works manually and wast their energy in doing all the things manually, i captured some pictures from where you can get the idea that how much our Pakistani labours are hardworking and how they done their jobs from crossing many of Problems

From this picture you can get the idea the this person is 60+ and in this age it is very hard but i say it is near to impossible to lift this weight , but this old man is doing his Hard work job..  

This person is doing Very Hard Job
Child Labour
This small boy whose age is not more than 15 years he is doing the extremely hard job as compare to his age, this is the age of school going but this small children is doing very hard work, when i asked from this guy that  you want to go school? then he replied that sir in my home there is some financial problem, and my father can't afford my educational expenses, and in home we don't have enough money to complete our important needs like Food, That's why i'm doing this job..


  1. x c lent work admin

  2. very nice article brother, one day you will be a very good writer

  3. Land, labour and capital are the means of produiction. The Waderas hv cap;tured everything including the Government. They don't pay taxes but they become rulers by exploiting their Haris. So long this system remains in vogue Pakistan will not prosper. The Labour will work with age-old tools and deploy old fashioned methods of production. Pirs, Jatois, Jams, Pirzadas, Chaudhris, Sardars, Makhdooms will keep ruling Pakistan there will be neither democracy nor progress