Friday, 6 April 2012

Privacy and Security in Cellular Phones

As we listen from everyone about viruses and often read or listen the news or website that was hacked. The internet user must know about the security problems that can be face on the internet. When we talk about cellular phone, they are related to wireless communication and because of wireless communication security problems might be extended. When we use our cell phone for communication it sends and received the signals and signals are travel in the air so it can easily be tapped by someone by using the scanners or any other device. If we use internet on our cell phone the chances are getting higher for the viruses. Nowadays most of the PDA’s and Palms were hit by the virus.

Common Dangers in Privacy and Security:
1)    Viruses: Viruses can spread wirelessly. Viruses just not attack on the computer but also to the cell phones and PDA’s. Virus can be come easily even in the shape of such a joking message on a cell phone and damage the data.

2)   Cell Phones Snoopers: Cell phone snooper is the person just between the communications of two persons. They can listen our cell phone calls; this causes the violation of peoples and companies privacy.
3)   Cell Phone Cloners: Cell phones cloners are very tricky persons, which steal the identity of cell phone and use it to make free calls leaving the bill on the owner of that cell phone.
4) Wireless Network Snoopers: These are the person which can see every bit of data travelling in air. Wireless hackers’ also stealing information, delete the files and can destroy the software easily. They can also steal data from someone’s cell phone.

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  1. privacy is really a big problem in cellular phones