Saturday, 5 November 2011

Lake Of awareness

Its really Important to know the things , If you are well known about things then you can easily adjust on that environment  well as we know that majority of Pakistani people have lake of awareness , although they don't know whats their rights, as the result now a days we can see in our rural areas the people cant protect themselves  because they don't know whats their rights, like take a common example , think for a person who is working 8hrs continuously but he get low wage like he get 100rs/day , that is his lake of awareness because according to the law of Pakistan minimum wage start from 7000rs/month means (233.33rs/day) this is lake of knowledge as well  because this person was actually dont know what is fixed rate of daily wage in Pakistan.

Like mostly peoples of Pakistan have lake of awareness in medical sector but i say medical sector is totally eliminated from our rural areas because in most villages you can find even any sign of doctors, peoples are suffering from many decease as a result in Pakistan mortality rate is rising even day by day, government should have to take positive action on this sector because our rural areas are like our backbone, i say government should have to aware specially on this sector,


  1. Nice article admin , government should have to do somethng

  2. Dear really we peoples have lake of awareness