Thursday, 10 November 2011

Impact of Bollywood Movies On Pakistani Youth

Bollywood movies are really playing with our youth minds, their culture is not matching with our culture, they are promoting their culture on Muslims of Pakistan, our youth are really found of Bollywood movies, well not only actually movies but in our homes our all family members are really found of Indian dramas, so in simple words we can say that they are playing with our minds, but the main thing is that who is responsible for this, We people? our government? or our producers?... Yeah I think its all responsibility goes to our producers because they are not making any good movie, they have not any good story, our film industry is going down day by day because we are not making any good resolution movie, no body wants to watch movie that don't have a good sound quality no picture quality as well as no any good story, Peoples are Always trying find good substitutes of any thing ,We people found a substitute of Pakistani movies, as a result we can see a clear picture in our youngster, they behave like a gangster, although they are belong to a very good family, but because of his Favorite actor doing in the movie the same thing is he wants to do,indian movies always shows a wrong picture of anything, like they shows brutality in his movies although they know his movies are also watching by a child whose age is not more than 12 years, a child life ruined because of Three hour movie, so the question is who is responsible for that?

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