Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Why We Need Technology?

To increase profit and make everything perfect we need something and that something is technology. to produce more or in other words we can say to work efficient we need something and again this is technology, technology play really a big role in modern life.because work in a efficient way is really a big necessity of life because all the things are scare we should have to be efficient in order to overcome from this scarcity in other hand technology also help us in the banking sectors like we can see that in the previous years, lets go 40 years back if someone want to cash his check he should have to wait in bank for 40mint to 1hr but now because of technology cash through ATM machines you can cash your amount with in 30secs.
Technology plays really a crucial role in medical field like to diagnose patients we are using technology. like we are using thermometer through this we can check our body temperature but if we are going 100 years back there was no any kind of digital thermometer through which we can check our accurate temperature of body.
From these points we can easily get an idea that technology makes all the work easy, lets take one other example like automobiles, if we go 1thousand years back there was no any kind of automobile. transportation takes place by means of donkeys and camels so as a result donkey and camel takes too much time to go one place to other place, but now with the help of technology transportation becomes really fast.

"If we conclude technology word we will get to know that technology is the only way to work efficient,easy,perfect, reliable and technology is the only way to increase profit"

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